Owning a Detomaso

With most Detomasos more than 30 years old, cars can be imported as left hand drive and registered in Australia in all States. Some people are lucky enough to find an Australian delivered and complianced right hand drive, which was sold here new. But for most people the US will be the source of their car. While driving a lhd in Australia is a bit disconcerting, its no reason not to own a Detomaso. But for those people who insist on the change to rhd, most parts are available in Australia.

Cars for Sale

We get lots of inquiries from people wishing to buy a Detomaso in Australia or overseas. Through our connections within Australia or through international clubs, we can assist buyers to verify the car you wish to buy. Whether it is a show car or an unrestored original, some of our members will either know the car, or know who to ask for an opinion. Recently we arranged for an inspection of a prospective purchase in the US. Within a couple of days the buyer had a highly credible report from a respected member of the Pantera Owners Club of America, giving him confidence to complete the purchase and transfer the funds. A few weeks later the car arrived in Australia and the new owner was thrilled with the condition, just as the report had indicated. Some people still prefer to see the car in person, but at least this ensures that a trip to the States will be to see the best cars on offer

We often have cars for sale on this website, and if people wish to advertise a pantera in Australia please contact Joe. As an example of the quality cars which have been advertised on this site is the special and highly original car shown below. (unfortunately no longer available)

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Pantera Owners Club of Australia Inc.

 Auto Italia 2018

The biggest annual gathering for all Australian   DeTomaso    owners     15th April 2018

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Pialligo Gardens near the airport